CRD#19 Honda XR 600

I'm fascinated by cafe racers for a while now and remembered I still have an old Suzuki TSX dirt bike in a shed.

I wondered if anyone ever turned an offroad machine into a minimal cafe racer...

A little websearch found me this awesome cafe racer by Cafe Racer Dreams based on a dirt bike frame.

Flying rhino

Back in november 2011 there was a rhino herd saved from poachers by airtransport. Resulting in spectacular footage shot by Michael Raimondo.

The art of demolition

A few weeks back the remainder of an old Philips building would be put to ground.

There was a lot of hoopla around the happening... 
The downfall of this piece of philipshistory would be live broadcasted on television and Internet.  

On d-day nearby houses where evacuated and an important guy pushed the detonation button. The dynamite blasted away leaving nothing more than dust and air. 
Then the  cloud settles and a monolithic structure appears out of the mist...

Color in my life!!

After posting in grayscale for a while I decided to put some color in my life...

So from now most images will be in color!

Photo of the holi festival in India by Stefan Leijon

Sustainability no.1 Buzzword of past decade

I might be a little sarcastic here but let's face it: sustainability is the no.1 buzzword of the past decade...

Struggling with your argumentation? Juice it up with some sustainability and it ought to be good! 

Walking Islands

Western Europe has had some windy weather lately. 
Now the Frisian newspaper opened with the headline 'Ameland 11ha smaller'  due to sand erosion. 
This is not a new phenomenon. The wadden islands in the north of the Netherlands have been slowly moving to the left over the past centuries. 
Quite interesting this ever changing landscape. Yet sometimes inconvenient... 

Dear photograph...

"Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present."
Is the punch line of Dear Photograph.

I ended up on the site about a month ago. It intrigued me. It's great to see how the world we live in changes over time. And what better way to find out, show and share it, by a picture of a picture...

A random selection of pictures that appealed to me:

Dear Photograph,
It’s been 50 years since I wore that snowsuit, and so much has changed. Yet in many ways, it feels like so little has…just the way it should be.

Road Trippin' France

At the end of july I went on a roadtrip through France. We travelled clockwise first visiting Ronchamp, then Annecy followed by Aix-en-Provence and finished in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil. A tiny village in the Dordogne with a name longer than its mainstreet...

Ronchamp - How Piano undermines Le Corbusier

The chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp is one out of many renowned buildings by Le Corbusier.
It is the first day of our road trip through France and I insisted on a visit to the building I’ve seen and read so much about. Especially during these rural times...

Decoding Disneyland

I visited Disneyland Paris for the first time in my life due to a marriage anniversary in the family.

On day one we arrived in Paris and did some sight seeing. A boat trip on the river Seine - you know the drill. The second day we visited Disneyland.

There’s a lot to tell about the place. How Walt Disney was inspired by slot Neuschwanstein when designing Cinderella’s castle... The general layout of the theme park... But that’s not what surprised me while being there...