Walking Islands

Western Europe has had some windy weather lately. 
Now the Frisian newspaper opened with the headline 'Ameland 11ha smaller'  due to sand erosion. 
This is not a new phenomenon. The wadden islands in the north of the Netherlands have been slowly moving to the left over the past centuries. 
Quite interesting this ever changing landscape. Yet sometimes inconvenient... 

There has been a debate about the island of vlieland growing into the territorialwaters of the municipality and island Texel. Texel therefore claimed a part of vlielands beach...

Funny is the fact that the wadden islands are listed by unesco as an area to be preserved. An effort most Dutch are proud of. 
Anyway  nowadays all sorts of measures are taken to prevent the islands from walking to the west despite the fact it is a natural process! Sand is relocated by nature, due to wind, sea flow, rising tight etc. Then it is moved back by mankind to preserve the previous state. Does this make sense to anyone? We are putting the world on pause here and for what? So mother-nature won't redefine its own marvels? 

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