Sustainability no.1 Buzzword of past decade

I might be a little sarcastic here but let's face it: sustainability is the no.1 buzzword of the past decade...

Struggling with your argumentation? Juice it up with some sustainability and it ought to be good! 
Companies see sustainability as an investment. Not so much for environmental reasons but for the sake of marketing. The (quasi)sustainability of the company, their products and of course their buildings has to be noticed by the public at all cost. Therefore it  needs to  be visible. Perhaps it should even be screaming and obtrusive. 
What's your  philanthropic-weapon: a windturbine-on-the-roof? a solarpanel-parkinglot? a green-facade? 
Sustainability is a marketing tool. (as is Santa Claus)
The most beautifull part of it is the fact that the public is buying it.

Ah well... "...ignorance is bliss..."

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